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NW Fire Shirts started from a customer walking in to our retail location in 2015 and asking "Why is nobody selling fire shirts up at Carpenter Road Fire?" Fire Shirts? We had never heard of Fire Shirts. Tristan called Laura and asked if she had heard of them. No again. With a little research and a few days of calling around, we found out that Fire Shirts are a thing... and Firefighters love having Fire Shirts! That year we went to just a few fires and the response was great!

2016 was an adventure in going to places near us, along with places further away! The Firefighters and Communities loved our shirts! In 2017 we decided to go all in and attend as many fires as possible. Many hours were spent designing, printing, driving and selling. The website was being considered for our shirts that were left - because not everyone was able to stop in to our tent during the fire. In 2018, that became a reality.

We LOVE the NorthWest and all it has to offer! We are so grateful for all fire personnel and are so happy that we have found a way to "give back"!


Tristan Kircher is the head Operations Coordinator and Laura Eslick is the head Production/Designer. We have known each other for many years and have both been in the printing business for years. Tristan in signs and banners, Laura in screen printing. Every year we look forward to "fire season" - that may sound crazy, but we love to create designs and sell them to firefighters from all over the world!

If you see us at a fire - say hi and tell us your story! We love what we do -  and we love what you do!

 Why we love what we do

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